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With Sheng fall, quickly twisted sense of deep yellow vindictive, soon turned into a head hideous dragon earth,Coach Outlet Online, roar, bang, into a light,Coach Outlet Store Online, straight shooting Nalan sweet along at a deep ravines, appeared in open space above it, like a cow plowed field in general,Coach Bags Outlet, ” Earth Spirit melting of the law of this land of the door, it does have a little doorway … ‘the man on the trunk, glanced dL dragon, softly to himself Road, looked ferocious shot to the earth dragon,Coach Bags On Sale, Nalan sweet silver Yayi Yao, the hand on the shoulders of a small arctic fox chair aside, immediately teal grudge rapidly condense into a wind in front of the wall.
earth dragon severely impact on the wind walls, which are covered with sharp fengren on the earth dragon cut was constantly shaking, but that did not hinder the success of earth dragon’s attack, the two sides lasted just one After, the wind burst Western Wall is crashing.
wall with the wind burst open, Nalan sweet suddenly exposed to the soil beneath the dragon, while the latter roaring moment, hideous giant tick, directly in front of her head bite biteDown.
see earth dragon nearby, Nalan sweet Qiaolian some slightly pale,Coach Factory Outlet, Gang Yu cast vindictive, but is aghast to find himself not know when the body is something strange dark energy, give all wound.
earth dragon about to flutter in the Nalan sweet that Yi Sha, a sharp Quanfeng suddenly not far from the fog since Pushe, immediately severely hit on the earth dragon,Coach Outlet Store, suddenly, which shocked , that is, points of light burst into the Western Cape.
sudden as A- \\ misfortune to have to make are surprised everyone, including the men that were on the trunk, but also a little bit surprised in the sights of boxing where the wind came.
‘Who are you? Hope next door Huang Yao, but please do

uh ‘demon close the eyes and smiled, then close their eyes for a moment induced’ This opened his eyes, eyes look to the North, said:. ‘Come on. ‘
voice down, his stature lead in exhibition action, is marching directly nothingness of space,Coach Outlet Online, quickly Shanlue out those violent space turbulence, when his whole body exposure to a range of feet, that is, will automatically vanish , to the holy fighting this level, the kind of terror among the nothingness of space turbulence, for they have no threat.
‘keep up’Xiao Yan waved his hand, to keep up with everyone demon quickly close the eyes.
‘space here from the days where the demon Phoenix family is not far off, if they tear space come in,Coach Bags On Sale, we will definitely be induced’ in the nothingness of space shuttle among the approximately half an hour, and that is to stop the demon finally close the eyes the body, looking at the distant dark depths,Coach Outlet, said.
Xiao Yan eyes looked around the circle, also nodded and said: ‘Space here is relatively strong turbulence, just to hide our stature …………,Coach Outlet Store,
‘Oh, in that case, then we began to sit back and wait now.’ demon eyes open laughter Lou
Xiao Yan smiled and nodded his head, so to sit cross-legged, their side, and a small medical cents Harengula Angela also sit down. ‘Next, they need to do, is wait and wait days demon Phoenix family that they are ready to break into a fish net ……,
nothingness of space among the extremely vague concept of time, in which abnormal dark environment, two days time, almost blink of an eye before,Coach Outlet Store, but just shortly after the two-day, Xiao go far away from extremely distant regions spatial fluctuations quietly into the sky, a road breath tyrannical figure,Coach Outlet Online, slowly being taken from space crack ‘and then give all appear in this dark void space.
along with the

this time so that was a great loss of face Pavilion things,Coach Factory Outlet, so that was her idea he was a lot more goodwill, the moment has not denied, with a trace of doubt in mind nodded, and then every now and then to the side of stature.
‘do not touch, waiting for me.’ Nalan sweet facing asked a cry, Xiao Yan is Shanlue out quickly, then slowly fell Mu Qingluan side.
‘something?’ Mu Qingluan former real estate broker Lue open forehead black hair, tilted her head. Minzui light laugh. Mu Qingluan
close look, as if one is in the green _ Fu Hua girlish, but Xiao Yan is known, this woman is not the strength of it is extremely weak, slight hesitation, finally said: ‘I ask the wind, but the Venerable Miss Mu teacher? ‘
‘ah, this matter is a lot of people know that you do not have to ask is this, right?’ Mu Qingluan thin eyebrows gently pick, said.
‘That lady Mu may know the whereabouts of the wind at the moment of His Holiness predecessors,Coach Outlet Store Online?’ Xiao Yan asked politely.
‘Who are you? Why you’re looking for a teacher?’ Mu Qingluan empty eyes squint a little bit wary of the road,Coach Outlet Store. Mu Qingluan
see that alert appearance, Xiao Yan had to smile soon, hesitated a moment, and said:. ‘enemy of the believers, Bong division of life, come to find wind Venerable predecessors’
‘enemies of the believers? Which enemy?’ heard, but it is Qingluan Mu Yi Zheng, Xiao Yan eyes carefully looked at him and said.
this. ‘Miss Mu is the knower future fans,Coach Outlet Store Online, but this right -1, but it is not convenient to say.’ Xiao Yan shook his head, quite apologetic way, and he never met with His Holiness the wind, do not know how this person , although the old drugs, said it can absolutely trust,Coach Outlet Online, but now he can no longer fledgling kid,Coach Factory Outlet, caution, already penetrated their bones.
heard this, could not help but admire Qingluan Pielepiezui

an even fight the mysterious presence of fear. ‘It seems here still have to leave early ah.’ ‘Mouth muttered a cry, Xiao Yan made up his mind to leave this damn world magma quickly here, so too he is too depressed.
‘want to leave,cheap jordans, you can still recover it first strength to your body now vindictive, arrived on the magma can be difficult, where it is safe, you do not have to worry about their discovery, as’ five rounds from the Fire. ‘You can be too safe after practice, your body has a different fire, if the fire using this control method, the power will inevitably be jumped. ‘His Holiness the opening day of the fire side of the road.
Xiao Yan nodded his head, after the previous remarks of the war, his body vindictive consumption is not small, in order to prevent the flames again by those who found the lizard,jordan shoes for sale, he must be allowed to have their own keep in peak condition.
mind flashed thought so, Xiao Ting quickly sitting cross-legged, hands Gang Yu practice bear printed statement, the heart is a dynamic, two-finger flash, a red beads have their fingers out now, it beads, Xiao Yan is impressively from those flames lizard in the human body to fetch something.
‘Flaming?’ Xiao Yan hands saw red beads,jordan shoes for sale, Skyfire Venerable somewhat surprised, immediately nodded and said, ‘I never thought that you should be able to find such a baby lizard in the human body, which indeed contains a quite strong fire properties of energy,Cheap Jordans Outlet, but it is too violent, direct taking, fear is not a small risk. ‘
Xiao Yan smiled, what fire can be more violent than the energy properties of different fire? Have been two different fire, he can be in the most outrageous manner refining them,Cheap Jordans, then swallowed ‘
flexor of a bomb,cheap jordan shoes, is to fall into the red beads Xiao Yan Di, and soon, is like a flame-like, shoved down

carefully, immediately thought for a moment, the palm of a move,cheap jordans for sale, and Namibia is removed from a roll of blood red ring reel, reel it appeared, suddenly filled with a little cold in Italy, is the year impressively Xiao Li in deep domain NoireOccasionally resulting in ‘bite raw Dan’ prescription.
eyes glued to this volume prescriptions, Xiao Yan face a little bit lengli now ‘Yan League’ While developing rapidly than it can be really, and drug cases, these forces want Jinyan Zong ratio remains even weaker,Cheap Jordans, which not only in the peak of the strong JL, more cells,Cheap Jordans Outlet, or backbone of core strength.
however want to develop in a short time be able to work independently of the core strength, a blessing is easy, this time, the ‘student Dan bite’ of the law will be a shortcut.
Of course, the negative effects of macrophages born Dan Xiao Yan has been known that what he has and Xiao Ding, Hyperion East, and several other inflammatory League veterans have discussed,cheap jordan shoes, they unanimously decided that the best can really create a totally loyal group Union slain in inflammation, although this way, they have only three years of life,cheap jordan shoes, can survive as long as three years, they are with confidence, so that was certainly capable of inflammation Northwest League has become one of the best this powerful force, although In this way it is a little bit bloody, may – inflammation Union involved too, tadpole like this war, if not Xiao Yan is a critical moment came,jordan shoes for sale, I am afraid the whole Gama empire, all have been erased away, to the time who lost their lives for this purpose, but I do not know geometry.
more people want to guard the natural person is required to pay a small portion of jack and other things here, they put a prescription given to her brother, and then secretly sent to the refining refining pharmacists

out of immortality, but immortality in refining out, but did not have any kind of success will 丹雷 leads, the strongest of which one, it is only caused by the clouds gather in the sky, but it is even LEI are not appeared, not to mention the real Danlei come.
this case, Actually, I’m what people are disappointed because they know that Dan would have started gradually advancing toward **,cheap jordan shoes, now being refined out of immortality, product order is already climbed to a six-level product, Before long, I am afraid, the real immortality seven items, that is, will be refined out.
changes for the outside world, without the slightest bother Xiao Yan, his eyes unblinking has been locked within the drug tripod, ten days after a long integration, now that Zan medicine in flames leapt Ding between a faint approximately fist-sized, into an oval-shaped ball of thing. This little ball thing, is that hundreds of pure drug ingredients are fused together,cheap jordans, but now it is just the immortality of the prototype of the prototype. ‘
But even though the prototype still not really, at least it can be the most difficult step, already approach of taking over, then, as long as Xiao Yan given the state gather in harvest,cheap jordans for sale, so – is that it can finance these raw bone blood red, the real refining out! But before that, you also need some breeds extravagance time only. ‘Boom!’ between
slightly fiery world, a deep muffled sound, suddenly resounded in the sky, immediately rushed to the transfer of numerous road gaze on, I saw that the sky was on,cheap jordan shoes, I do not know when a cloud appeared and went,cheap jordans, but now it within the clouds, actually came the muffled sound of thunder, it looks like, is clearly forming the shape 丹雷. ‘Danlei? There are seven items immortality born!’
saw the vision of the sky,cheap jordan shoes, the square is the outcry of a

even the whole body is freezing up of duck Mist law enforcement as well as its side face gloomy days of snakes,Coach Factory Outlet, grinned, and said: ‘The old guy, I said, you try any of this I received today! ‘
stagnant blanket of darkness, slowly surging again, revealing a full color gloomy face, duck Custodian of eyes looking at the awe-inspiring Xiao Yan, said: ‘audacity, this secret method can improve you a lot of forces,Coach Outlet, of course, but always a kind of time limit, once arcane time of arrival,Coach Factory Outlet, you will be just a waste! ‘
‘Before this, kill you, nothing,Cheap Coach Purses,’
Xiao Yan smiled, but the smile on this, but it is intended to kill awe-inspiring.
‘bluster!’ duck Custodian sneer, but his voice just
a fall,Coach Outlet Store Online, but it is shoved see Xiao Yan body quietly shocked!
between Xiao Yan body thrill, but it is in my heart duck Custodian chill, keen intuition for years driven his body, lightning rush back, When the two-step distance
on law enforcement in the footsteps of just duck back, before a sudden burst of volatility space, a ghostly figure emerged quietly, hands were heavy foot green flames enveloped, with a wave of his skin was so cold in the underlying strength of terror ,Coach Factory Outlet, anger split down!
heavy foot stuck duck Custodian of face paint on the door flew down, although not hit, but its inherent on hot, still have to duck Custodian instantly make his face reddened.
foot fall, eagle Custodian Jitui stature, could not resist the promise of some cold sweat come into their minds, but also full of sweat behind, if not previously his quick response, I am afraid it will be directly made into a mess of Xiao Yan foot.
‘speed after this kid cast Arcane become good cone, even I
can not keep up. ‘
sweat surfaced, Ao Custodian help some angry, whispered shouted: ‘! The Custodian today would not believe, even

an abnormal fluctuations terrible waves into the sky, in such a fluctuations, this space, that is earth shattering instant up like that look, are like doom.
‘Death Wrath ,Coach Outlet……’
induction are the kind you even feel some volatility gripped, Xiao Yan also became very dignified looking upThe soul of the battle,Coach Outlet Online, the battle is more dangerous than a grudge, if a mistake is that will lead to the collapse of the soul, and the soul of a casual, a person’s life, it thoroughly dissipated between heaven and earth. In that lives under
demon soul of the holy remnant display ‘Even Xiao Yan, both felt a dangerous taste.
lives of Wrath ‘to let too many are caught fighting holy strong color’ is not false Chuan! 1140th chapters demon blood BES
between heaven and earth, a restless, space is at the moment the intense undulator, and in such a fluctuation,Coach Outlet, saw the holy demon was Nalv residual soul lives whole body suddenly thrown strange ripples, the intersection between these frogs faint Yi into a little knowledge is enough to have a huge invisible figure,Coach Handbags Outlet, if carefully view,Coach Bags Outlet, it is will find exactly the same figure this road to its appearance, but in the face of this figure, Xiao Yan is the face of the whole world with the feeling of terror !
feeling, let Xiaoyan Qing Chu felt, what is vulnerable!
‘This is the holy demon Mami lives ……’
Xiao Yan inhaled air, he did not expect this thread residual soul, was able to cast the demon sonic condensed into their lives holy Mami.
Sonic the invisible demon of St. Mami, slowly down, indifferent eyes locked distant Xiao Yan, and then slowly open its mouth, a glowing atmosphere of ancient syllables,Coach Outlet Online, like the layers of Thundercloud the shuttle out of the Brontosaurus general, suddenly, it was showing a towering appearance!
blurting out

thick Shen Ding medicine is bitter at the moment Hao shake a few times, if not for doing unusual drug tripod, I am afraid that this startled, you have to direct to burst open.
Xiao Yan face volatile drug Ding looked inside surface of the drop of the green and red blood rapidly churn, which, rounded surface at the moment, thrown a harsh slender spikes, so too it seems it is like a small sea urchin in general, and within that billowing sea urchin, is the wave of violent energy fluctuations was unable to speak.
bell! Clang!
energy fluctuations continue a road crash on the inner wall of the drug tripod, loud sound waves reverberating endlessly throughout the inner courtyard,coach purses outlet, this time, almost everyone is clear, it seems that the above refining, a little out of the question. ‘Great elders, how to do?’ One elder looked at the stone, whispered.
‘how can I do? refining immortality are not fighting with people, how can we say to help you help? Now this situation, only to see Xiao Yan yourself, just do what outsiders are interfering him,Coach Outlet Store Online, and refining seven Commodities immortality, this is the success rate is not high,Coach Outlet, Xiao Yan now or six still refining pharmacist,Coach Outlet Store, grid failure is extremely normal thing,Coach Outlet Online, do not make a fuss. ‘Chen Sheng said the Soviet Union thousands frown. The meal was great elders wrist, that were the elders also had a wry smile and nodded.
at all because the entire inner courtyard between this incessant loud sonic outcry, Xiao Yan eyes are keeping a close eye in the drug tripod, exhaustively soul force pouring out clouds every corner drug tripod. ‘
even though he knows he is now refining the drug to patients, seven items immortality refining success rate is very low, ‘you want a one-time success is refining,cheap coach bags, even some seven refining pharmacist is difficult

Yan is Qingtu breath, eyes with some solemn promise, he could sense the faint room,Coach Outlet Store Online, out of sight of the best in the patchAncient mountains, hiding a road extremely aggressive atmosphere,Coach Outlet Online, the atmosphere, even Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet, Xu felt some are dangerous.
‘Xiongshou here, and the world isolated from the ancient heritage and has been under the powerful strength was terrible, though not as wise as too violent and lead to the same level of Warcraft, but they broke the power, even more than all of Warcraft it is not on. ‘Xiao Yan beside that name stars fell Court Qingcheng elders also sighed softly.
Xiao Yan nodded his head, a palm grip, a promise reveals some green beads meaning it out now in its palm, it is the body of the rocket had saliva from Lime Pu Tizi being precipitated out, which Mang Shortage of ancient extremely vast field,Coach Bags Outlet, in which you want to find out the location of Bodhi trees can not be easy,Coach Outlet, but there is not the number of evil beasts, if the words of Hu Chuang,Coach Outlet, even at their lineup, fear is fierce Dorje less.
Pu Tizi holding palm, Xiao Yan Wei Bi eyes, thin sensing the movement within Pu Tizi, so after a while, he just slowly opened his eyes, eyes look northwest direction, whispered: ‘There is perhaps too far away from the Bodhi trees, unable to clearly perceive its exact location, but Pu Tizi a point of view of information feedback, roughly in that direction.’
‘Come on.’ Pu Tizi
good income, Xiao Yan is not too much to do to stay, toes a little rock, stature is generally pull up into the sky as Dapeng, then marching void, facing the other side of the stream day quickly snatched in behind it, the color scales and small medical cents immediately and on.
Baizhang distance, seemingly wide, but the speed Hsiao go far, but appeared in the blink of an eye is the opposite.

not Yecheng that tiny! ‘Xiao Yan f6 then a fall, the side that the White House White Eagles, but it is a sneer.
for mocking sneer White Eagle, and Xiao Yan noncommittal smile, and what he did not quarrel, folded,Coach Outlet, put in the front,coach purses outlet, as if never heard Shirataka provocation general.
seeing, White Eagle cold smile, he will be heard as early as refining pharmacists Xiao Yan is a 70 intermediate goods, but it is not the reason he was able to let fear of seven intermediate goods, also has a strong level weak points, he is the foot of the level a year ago, while Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet, it was a few days ago, just to get seven items assessment Intermediate level badge.
for discord between the two that atmosphere, Sheng elders did not stop this thing often, it is nothing surprising, they do not disturb the examination was held, will immediately toss them with each other.
‘Since no problem, then we examine today, they started …’
Sheng elders back slowly, in its wake, with a piece of black cloth obscured objects, he reached out to Chequ black cloth, revealing a foot high stone Zhang Xu, in fact,Coach Bags Outlet, that it is a monument not very accurate because This stone is extremely transparent grid, looks like a crystal in general …
‘Our assessment is divided into three, which is the first item, the soul is measured.
‘As we all know, the soul is the most important fundamental refining pharmacists, only strong enough soul, just have enough soul and the soul of perception manipulation & quot;.’ Sheng elders,Coach Outlet Store, pointing at the center of the monument, which has a smooth circular mirror plate , said: ‘You will each enter their own soul force within,Coach Outlet Store Online, and in this mirror disk, then it will test the value of your soul, this value, the value of Vedanta would call the soul …’
‘value as long as the soul reaches

cheek color touch of excitement also surfaced surprise, Feng year, finally,Coach Bags Outlet, there is a movement!
between small medical cents surprise that enveloped the flame Xiao Yan purple-brown body, suddenly open to expansion at this moment suddenly,Coach Outlet Store Online, suddenly,Coach Outlet Store Online, this stone is filled up, and saw this scene, a small medical cents hesitated look, a move that is grazing stature Spire,Coach Outlet, three thousand lotus fire power is very strong, even if she can not Yingkang big years.
to quit in a small medical cents Spire, that was filled with purple-brown flame Spire, as suddenly as the volcanic eruption, since the tower of the Department, the storm surge out, then pour overwhelming fire, and finally in a Road shocked eyes, condensed into a foot baizhang huge purple-brown dragon!
dragon entrenched meander, a huge body will exhaustively cover stone,Coach Outlet, rich Slam, spread out,Coach Outlet Store Online, so that was a lot of people are somewhat weak heel. ‘Roar!’
dragon forming, and shoved his back soon Dragons, Dragons sound mighty spread, and soon everyone is seen on a burst of distorted space sky, a light beam nearly Baizhang huge stars from the night sky come together outside then penetrate the space barrier, heavy winds fell on top of the dragon entrenched body.
this vast power of the stars, etc., give the body fell on top of the dragon, so that was the latter that huge body, fierce burst of bright strong Mans, immediately, an immense atmosphere, at this moment, as the tide spread out …
shine, so that was a lot of people are Weibi 7 eyes, just open your eyes after a moment, then, is to see them in that winding dragon entrenched forehead, a slim figure, are slowly emerging, and that the vast atmosphere, since it is the body, filled out. ‘Win breath … yes. Doo statue’? ‘
feel powerful breath vast extent of this stock,

leave Long Island since the full majesty of His Majesty the Emperor into a purple dragon girl Mind Institute, Xiao Yan and small medical cents,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, who glanced at each other, but also could do nothing but shake his head, although it seems now became the Dragon Emperor, but the girl was hidden inside the bone taro original character.
‘Come on, there has been away from the league’s sphere of influence, it should beAfter you can reach the stars fell Court, ‘Xiao Yan eyes look around,Tiffany Outlet Store, to be too differentiate the position, waved his hand, is taking the lead against the direction of the Court where the stars fell quickly skimming away.
Hsiao go far to speed now, nature is able to be called a terrorist word, just a few minutes, is conveniently close to the many cities have flash passing, however, to get Xiao Yan slightly frown that, These cities have a lot, actually are somewhat dilapidated, just like an experienced war looks like.
‘It seems this time, the Union is not being calm.’
eyes of income comes this way, Xiao Yan mind is the idea flashed this way, soon speed suddenly fast, a blink, the horizon is lost in the side of.
stars fell Court, Court of a main hall among the old drugs, Fire Dragon ancestors, elders and others big Danta actually are gathered here, their complexion, some slightly gloomy, obviously not a good mood .
‘During this time,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, more than three seats under the league-owned major cities, with half suffered attacks that, though it seems from some of the remaining forces, but where it is mixed with a strong soul of the house in which’ old drugs eyes swept the hall,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, slowly said,Tiffany And Co Outlet, his eyes a faint promise some anger, said: ‘Siddhanta there also has news, Recently, attacked more and more things,Tiffany & Co Outlet, many refining pharmacists, in the face of attacks have gone no news, is what people

so many places, but did say it was this guy disbanded disbanded.
‘You have to stay in a quiet place, as before, that obviously is not going to depend on others to get a true peace,Tiffany & Co Outlet, plus you accept flowers mother’s heritage, you do not sit in this position, then, is that cases would have to spend Always scramble into civil strife, this kind of thing, surely will not be happy to see her mother took to do it? ‘Xiao Yan softly.
Yun Yun hesitated and hesitated for a moment, finally nodded slightly, then she lifted her head and looked at the sky on a white-haired old woman,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, respectfully: ‘Great elders, sovereign of the place, the cloud can rhyme temporary agency, If in the future you always feel that there is a more suitable candidate, and I can say. ‘
‘Oh,Tiffany Outlet, rest assured that the old vision of the sovereign, the old woman is still very much believe that,Tiffany And Co Outlet, since she even lifelong grudge and are willing to pass on to you, surely you her heart is the perfect candidate.’ white-haired old woman laughed.
white-haired old woman heard the remark, that flower brocade cheek is volatile, after a long while,Tiffany Outlet, Chen Sheng said: ‘Great elders, I have worked hard for many years, just make offerings were the days I spent cases have teamed up with the trend, Today, the sovereign of the changeAnd Xiao Yan Lang also wounded demon, I only have to look at it together fell to day offerings were acting style, maybe it will not let go. ‘
flower brocade threat words in meaning is quite clear that if this sovereign of the place into a cloud rhyme, it is not only the offerings were unable to join forces with the day, but will also make the days were spent offerings were hostile.
white-haired old woman frowned slightly,Tiffany & Co Outlet, although the flowers were tied with the day offerings were two cases, but the strength

presence of all eyes with ears,Tiffany And Co Outlet.
And after that up to half an hour Danlei baptism demon puppet that originally covered with bright silver body, at this point in S1, is almost half of the body has a large, of the order dazzling gold. Roaring!
丹雷 unwilling to continue to wreak havoc ten minutes later, finally had to give up a piece of hard nut to crack, the energy fluctuations within the clouds, sailed fades,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, and that thick pressure pressure Thundercloud, also in that many Road gaze down, slowly spread.
in this terrible 丹雷 finally selected to retreat, Xiao Yan is also pleased to find that last one demon puppet silver palm, also in the S1, quietly converted to gold. ‘ When
demon puppet in the palm is turned into gold, Xiao-yan can vaguely perceived between, demon puppet body, but also produced a tremendous change.
accompanied by thunderclouds dispersed, Quintana golden demon puppet, a foot pedal, between spatial distortions, is laugh is heard, appeared in front of Xiao Yan, then like most loyal guard general,Tiffany Outlet, stood its body side .
‘finally succeeded it.’ ‘
Xiao Yan eyes, staring at glowing demon puppet in front,Tiffany & Co Outlet, palms gently squeezed golden skin, starting at the past, but it is strange that no hard feeling, but feels soft a lot.
aware of such a change, Xiao Yan brow of a challenge, reckoned to serve, aquamarine condensed into flames at the fingertips of a dagger-like,Tiffany Outlet Online, and then severely demon puppet on the ground that golden skin cut it off.
flame dagger cross over, Xiao Yan is surprised to find, just on their skin, leaving a faint white marks,Tiffany & Co Outlet, and this white marks in a while, then it is automatically disappear … ‘Good defensive terror ! ‘
seeing this, Xiao Yan also could not help but light inhaled breath, his eyes staring at the fiery demon puppet before, not now,

eye Mans, said.
‘ah also played against, almost went away this time.’ Yun Yun dignified said.
‘so what’ Xiao Yan muttered, immediately raised his head, looked at Yun Yun, said: ‘I’m going to go, and that ancient demons python to me ………… Dayong,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry,
‘What?’ Xiao Yan hear that brutal actually take the initiative to actively look very ancient demons python, Yun Yun,Tiffany Outlet Store, who suddenly shocked.
‘I have my plan, not a mess,’ Xiao Yan smiled and said: ‘Rest assured, that ancient demons python though strong,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, but still not be able to chew our ……’
who saw Xiaoyan Jian, Yun Yun only reluctantly shook his head, slightly pondered, exclaimed: ‘Since you insist, then it together, and we are now so many wounded, if separate, then, it is more dangerous, just We also know that line, allowing you to quickly find the ancient demons python. ‘
‘ear Oh, it would be in trouble, rest assured, will not let you out of any accident.’ Wen Yan, Xiao Yan is a sigh of relief and smiles.
‘really sorry to tell you about it.’ This was written by Baidu broken sky bar offers
cloud rhyme with a wry smile and shook his head, and she thought I was not originally want to remind about Xiao Yan, the result will be that he sucked up the past.
‘We are the first break it,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, half an hour after we left.’ Xiao Yan smiled, then a wave,Tiffany And Co Outlet, directed at the crowd said.
heard, people also nodded, then each sitting cross-legged, Xiao Yan is also cross-legged on a rock, the eyes Weibi into the bunk state ……,
half an hour of rest, quickly over, and Xiao Yan is punctual opened his eyes and saw a lot of awfully flowers were a pedestrian,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, this nodded, stood up, Gang Yu speak, but induction is generally somewhat fierce, eyes look behind the horizon, after a moment, waved palm, quickly said: ‘concealed their breath was coming .

and other artificial lotus different fire manufactured out of ‘
but cast this thing, but it is sufficient time to stardom old devil’s strength, the inevitable can not be given to him so plenty of time to prepare for that big kill.
now they respect the strong side of the bucket has Kui – is the soul of rancid Respect contain live,Tiffany & Co Outlet, but also the only empty shot, the only purple research,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, but although now Zhe Nizi strength rose, the body is empty Pacific Long, but after all still very young, and can not be stardom old devil opponent. ‘I’ll help you stop him.
Xiao Yan eyes flicker between Mans, it is not far from the purple research, seemed to sense his thoughts in general, petite body jumped in the air,Tiffany Outlet, he is now out of the front of Xiao Yan little face full of dignified said. ‘Okay?’ Xiao Yan hesitated, worried Road. ‘Well, now you can find other man?’ Purple research head-what, do not back track.
Xiao Yan stunned speechless,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, had a bite, Chen Sheng said: ‘! help me fight for some time, be careful, not to retreat.’
purple research nodded, a small hand suddenly bear a few exotic Indian decision, immediately intense violet sudden surge of violence since the body out,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, and in this and other violet, purple research that petite body, sudden increases rapidly, just some breathing room, that is, by a little girl, changing into a tall, looks very sexy purple hair looks great beauty, such as moving it looks like, actually exactly the same as the year when Xiao Yan and seen in a small valley.
become such a look, the hand will be a grind purple hair purple damask football in the ear, tilted his head,Tiffany & Co Outlet, but it was then I saw that look like Xiao Yan, Qiao blushed, immediately a ferocious just a blush, but she is forgotten, and now she has not previously little girl, this expression do

others, may have in mind it!’
looked at the retreat of the fire wolf, Cao single smile on the face of gall r is more concentrated, turned to Xiao Yan, could not resist some proud smiles.
Xiao Yan faint glanced at him, immediately smiled: & quot; Thank Cao single master reminded, in that case, it would be in order to win it & quot; ‘.
voice down, Xiao Yan Qu board a Joel ten Yuping emerge, and then bang bang,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, burst open. With ten Yuping
burst,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, suddenly ten groups of varying color flame, in a Road stunned eyes, slowly rising,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, then a burst of peristalsis, ten head into the fire for the hideous beast & quot.;
these flames are all fire beast, Xiao Yan had nourishment of the fire in order to offer,Tiffany Outlet, but later with the geocentric beads, these beasts fire effect is lost, but now,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, it is handy, & quot;
Xiao Yan eyes looked dull face instantly – Cao single,Tiffany Outlet, mouth, wet with a touch of banter.
‘four kinds of flame control it, and you dare to come out with people than to play with fire?’
(fourth more to! 1,101th chapter Cao Vamp
ten groups of varying color flames, fire into ferocious beast, sailed off, colorful fire mans face shining dull crowd below, it is particularly funny.
dozens of flame, plus the first of Firelight Qinglian, that is a full eleven kinds of flame, Xiao Yan was able to single-handedly control the full eleven kinds of flame!
looking at quite shocking scene, a piece of silent courtyard, after a moment, just have a road slowly suck air voice sounded
manipulate flames, each one more, that is, the power of the soul has a very demanding requirements of large, single Cao ability to still have at most only four kinds of flame control, which, already enough to get him in Cao within the family to reach the point is hard to beat, but now Hsiao-yen, but

over a grudge screens, so that was the latter surface ripples.
sonic bang smashGrudge on screens,Tiffany & Co Outlet, but did breaketh the curtain, but merely tentative Han Feng’s hand only, a strike to get rid of its palm grip again, the whole body Mist cohesion rapidly, soon turned into in the presence of feet large enough to have a two-edged sword blanket of darkness, on the sword, piercing screams could not spread, even,Tiffany Outlet, there is a faint promise among some soul influence over the blade shuttle.
eyes among the intention to kill stern, Han Feng flexor of a bomb, a Lenghe self mouth spread, and soon,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, the huge blanket of darkness sword, slightly shocked, and is gradually becoming unreal sky …
is so strange looking sword,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, but also in the eyes of a small medical cents dignified passing touch of color, she can clearly perceive, Nabing Heijian contains over how terrible energy, strength and soul mutual grudge doping, integration between the ramifications of force than usual to be tyrannical grudge. Take a deep breath
number of small medical cents slender hand knot suddenly moving printed statement, immediately a dark gray road vindictive,Tiffany And Co Outlet, like a fountain-like, from the body of a tract of spewing out.
‘eclipse day rain!’
grudge gushing over quickly condensed into a gray cloud, immediately countless dark gray liquid rain pouring down from overwhelming, these gray liquid seemingly powerless,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, but if it is discerning diabolical person is able to see, in raindrops across the space that Yi Sha, the nothingness of space, particularly the emergence of a very light black marks. ‘
these contains toxic rain, did not fall on the ground, when they dropped to a certain distance, that is, will quietly disappear, into a wisp of gas, rising, got into the ash cloud, and then again into

this little girl is the fourth of a tricky stuff, to you., that is leading the robe old man looked a little surprised storm swept from the green scales,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, immediately frowned.
‘ah, no problem.’
a bit skinny pale shadow of the old man nodded ‘immediately physique of a move ‘is appeared in front of green scales, not to say, cold storm surge out of the palm of a grudge since then is fiercely against Harengula shot in the past.
‘Well,’ ‘
see this skinny old man to attack ‘Harengula also Lengheng heard ‘not the slightest concession, lingering green green eye pupil is directly greeted.
‘Xiao Yan, I’d like to see if you can escape from today’s offerings were the palm of my days! Remember the old lady’s name’ day offerings were ‘ghost flowers will respect’ ‘
robe old man eyes Senleng,Tiffany Outlet, led evil demon king spend one day with another offerings were strong,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, a ring-shaped ‘front of Xiao Yan surrounded away.
‘hands-on’ ‘
surrounds the shape of a percent, and that the so-called colored flowers will emerge hideous ghost statue is the meaning of the eyes, soon Lenghe, three shares grudge suddenly vast storm surge out of three figure like lightning, storm swept away in front of Xiao Yan that aggressive offensive, direct is to make this space have been solidified down.
‘Almost ‘
Xiao Yan shocked back room, then green and red wing bone is extended and open, stature speed back room, flexor of a bomb,Tiffany Outlet, the day turned into a demon puppet is golden,Tiffany & Co Outlet, will one day offerings were strong interception next.
‘Skyfire Sanxuan change: the first variant of the second variant third change ‘!!!
Baotui body, Xiao Yan fingerprints change,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, feeling the breath, the moment is constantly soaring into the sky, just a moment, is to break the four-star level, after a long while, the extent of its forceful breath,

you Wan scorpion scorpion Hill Gate that the main door, today is also the general fate.’ Xiao Yan shrugged shoulders and smiled.
Heard, scorpion skinned old Bi Yan suddenly flick,Coach Outlet, immediately pernicious eyes staring Xiao Yan, hissed: ‘You did?’ Xiao Yan nodded noncommittal, pernicious for his eyes, but it is in no way not give a damn about.
Qiaode Xiao Yan nodded, Bi rock scorpion eyes even more pernicious, but wait for his answer, the side of a small medical cents is intolerant waved, real estate broker immediately shoved bear a handprint! With the small medical cents
fingerprints knot move, it dried up the completion of the rock body woe sera, bang bang suddenly burst open, and finally into numerous wire,cheap jordans, which invaded the body of blood. When sera
woe and into the bloodstream exhaust Bi Yan, the latter a body suddenly Hao, even the skin is immediately turned into a gray and purple color, it seems, quite penetrate.
clenched teeth, desperately rock scorpion completed sending the body of a grudge,Cheap Jordans, but it is already Noxious direct invasion into their bloodstream,Coach Outlet Online, under the blood circulation, so that was almost every part of his body, are to be Noxious the infection. If now living
peak, scorpion Bi Yan is also a natural way to expel these sera available in small medical cents after some life and death battle,Cheap Jordans, the body consumes very serious grudge, think about the expulsion of sera,cheap jordans for sale, is a bit bloated. With woe sera
erosion increasingly expanding, bang – Bi rock scorpion mouth also out of the sound of coughing, accompanied by his every coughing, blood is out of control from the mouth of the Bay out, the last invasion of wet clothes.
‘Creepy scorpion to your current strength, it is impossible to resist the erosion of living woe sera … So, goodbye.’ small medical cents indifferent

crystal layer is gradually melting, melting speed that even one of the three days of the snake, and his face is also some changes could not help, because the properties of grams reason, this destructive flame colored, almost cast into the head of state.
‘serpent of old, this continues, the consumption of too much of a grudge,cheap jordans, maybe not wait for that time arcane boy arrived,Coach Outlet, we could not resist is a, & quot;’ Ice Hyun palms propped his head on the ice , chill down the armConstant influx source of them, but even so, he is still able to feel an extremely violent hot, being sailed penetration into.
day snake looking volatile, he saw that the little colored flame destructive …
‘the ice broken mirror, your body will give all incoming fresh ice statue of my body, I come to display their attack will kill a dead guy!’
Senleng hear the sound of that day snakes, ice mysterious duo slight hesitation, immediately tick only nodded in bitter,jordan shoes for sale, living in terror of fire,Coach Outlet Online, if they do not have an ice statue of fresh body body care, I am afraid will severely a burning pain by dawn.
smile for the two of them, but it is not reason yao snake together, a space mirror eyes tightly ice outside,Coach Outlet, where a faint shadow …
colored flames raging madness, but kind of horror at high temperatures, water droplets on the solid ice mirror is more and more thick ice lens is gradually becoming thin together.
looked so light on the paradox within the array within Yecheng everyone is a bit of a lot of scalp tingling, young figure that road gives them incredible shock, not only beat the soul of the house first, law enforcement,Cheap Jordan Shoes, and now it is with one person Glacier Valley Presbyterian force three trapped within the flames, the could not move, this and other record, is talking about is that some

Yan, Huang trio is surprised, Gang Yu defensive back to back with each other, ‘a ghostly figure, that is, since the face emerged out immediately Quanfeng suddenly hit sharp, bitter three-body surface that falls on the armor. ‘BOOM! ‘
heavy fist hit three people, a terrible chewy, suddenly poured out, and soon the three is like a kite-like,Coach Outlet Store, inverted out, finally hit on a few giant trees, a _o _ blood, spit out directly.
just a trick, that it would be three four star Imperial rout, see this scene, Nalan sweet light hand also could not help but over her lips, eyes immediately looked at the road complex slim silhouette, this used to be She believes that the youth of waste, but it is constantly walking in front of their own,, while he can do, it seems that is only looking at a few years ago that, after a few years, it is still the case. ‘
Huang three fell to the ground,, such as shrimp-like huddled together, constantly moaning over body armor has a direct path Xiao Yan punch crack, they could not understand how, with their strength, how could this kid even are then do not blow down, which among peers, can do this, even look at the North Plains region, not the number of how many people are afraid to come in front of this guy … What is the origin? ‘Papa!’
burst of applause from the branches Uploaded suddenly, that scar on the face of the man at the moment is slowly straightened himself up, eyes firmly looking at Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet, revealing a rather ugly Fu Yung on the face: ‘Yes,cheap jordans, You called Xiao Yan? I do not know that conflict with thunder Court who,cheap jordans, whether it is you? ‘
Xiao Yan glanced scar a man, eyes slightly narrowed, the strength of the strong person, compared with the previous three that can be described as a world of difference.
‘Xiao Yan, carefully, he very strong,’ Nalan

illusory body body soul.
in the central zone of this square is about a hundred feet above the ground platform around the platform, with four huge pillars upright,Coach Outlet Online, four thighs thick black chains, like a python-like winding down. ‘
four chains to an end, is a light most intense light group, the optical group, the closing date of a old soul sitting cross-legged, watching their appearance, consternation, that the soul of the house falls in the hands of the old drugs!
moment, that four strange black chain,Coach Outlet Store, just as the general vine wrapped around the old medicine limbs, so that was that he did not move.
silence and strange, shrouded in this square, here,Coach Outlet Online, everywhere reveals a taste of dark and death.
such a silence that lasted for some time, the old drugs that platform, closed eyes ‘suddenly shoved open, in this Yisha, a trace of a very familiar atmosphere, appeared in his induction into. This silk emergence
breath, so too is the old drugs directly froze down, after a long while, a deep breath, and slowly looked up, and that dry eyes for a long time, is actually between quietly, took a touch of wet Italy. When
then leave, this silk atmosphere,Coach Outlet, yet still have an immature Lu asked him to try to protect the boy, but now, this wire atmosphere, but it is has grown so far …
Eagles then, and now, finally soar sky. ’1197th chapter Wars
silence of the valley, the state noted the subtle voice sounded quietly Soso, a black torrent, slid down the hillside, torrent speed very quickly, less than half a minute,Coach Factory Outlet, that is close to that is situated in the valley The giant temple around …
on some black giant temple pillars around the room can see some faint sitting cross-legged in the shadows,Coach Outlet, these shadows are being shrouded in a blanket of darkness among between throughput, dark diffuse

is between heaven and earth, to get later, that even the wind are becoming viscous spin up, Vaguely, a trickle of liquid floating around wind energy spin, with the rotation of the wind and spin fluctuations gradually filled out terror wave of people moving ……
As more energy is energy condensed into water droplets, and that wind energy spin, is gradually evolve in the direction of the spin energy of the water ……
just a few minutes, and finally an energy, and it was condensed into a liquid drop of energy, import huge water into spin.
‘Boom!’ At that time
of wind energy into the water to completely spin spin, spin the entire water are severely shaking a bit, and soon, it is almost a hundred days into sleeping Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Online, Meng opened eyes, two amazing purple light,Coach Outlet Store, since his eyes suddenly Pushe!
two purple light,Coach Outlet, storm shook the sky, in the purple light of that road, East Long Island, a lot of cologne all felt a strange tribe of coercion, the kind of coercion,Coach Outlet, the same source and blood ……
‘This is the blood of the dragon emperor …… coercion? how will appear on his body?’
cologne when many Serbs do this consternation,Coach Factory Outlet, the purple sky research on the cheek Rong also had a touch of surprise, since in the light, she felt a familiar taste.
‘is the force of blood dragon phoenix,Coach Outlet Store Online, but which also doped with a number of other forces.’
naturally they will not know the power of the blood of the three blood force which shares Xiao Yan, Xiao family but blood, blood and dragon phoenix ancient tribe blood fused together, which naturally has some dragon phoenix taste. Long Island in the East when
a Road screams sounded, Xiao Yan mouth is a fierce, soon everyone is seeing, that tremendous energy spin water, into a Unit of water directly Xiao Yan bite Inhalation of the body being

is naturally not unfamiliar, except a small medical cents, but also what people?
looked at this critical appeared small medical cents, Xiao Yan is a moment, immediately surprise road.
small medical cents tilted his head, revealing a charming appearance goes, she watched Meimou Xiao Yan, a slight nod, lips touching off radian Gang Yu, eyes suddenly see Xiao Yan mouth is vaguely remnants of blood, radian is the moment that moving some chill added a promise,Coach Outlet Store, and whispered: ‘? He hurt you.’
‘rest assured, let me hurt like this person,Coach Outlet, I have a serious injury than ten times more than.’ Xiao Yan smile, his eyes carefully looked at the front of a small medical cents, that was discovered that he has been unable to detect each other’s The exact strength, this time a small medical cents to his senses, it is like a bottomless lake _ secluded lake-like, it is the sight of the end.
‘your strength? breakthrough to respect the fight,Coach Outlet?’ Xiao Yan’s voice among conceal with joy.
small medical cents chuckle nod, she is now feeling very good, and that troubled her for many years of woe poison the body, but also at the moment of its toxicity in vivo coagulation Dan beam, thoroughly dominated by her, from Later, she do not have to worry -, ℃ because between mood, lead poisoning outbreak caused by what body injuries, woe poison the body, it will not become a double-edged sword,Coach Factory Outlet, but really the only weapon she had just become able to control ! ‘You are Hsiao Huan party?’
Xiao Yan looked very happy to talk with a small medical cents,Coach Outlet Online, and his face is slightly Qinghai sank, cold shouted.
hear Qinghai Sheng, small medical cents this slowly turned his head, eyes swept in his possession,Coach Factory Outlet, then fine, clear nod.
‘this is my soul connection between the temple and Xiao Yan, if you want to

a streamer,cheap jordans for sale, facing away quickly snatched the many temples.
unicorn fast,jordan shoes for sale, just a few minutes, that is, to arrive at a number of temples, the last under the guidance of the children smoked in house group of heart landed.
have smoked child peers, Xiao Yan, a pedestrian is undoubtedly the most watched a group of people, so just jump from the top of the Unicorn,Cheap Jordans Outlet, a road around the singular vision that is projected over.
‘Come on …’
For these eyes, Kaoru children did not care,jordan shoes for sale, go far toward Shaw whispered something, that is the first to be rapidly away toward the tall ancient atmosphere completely filled the huge central plaza after minnow.
around this historic square, dressed in black with heavy? Black helmet submerged Army soldiers standing straight, [〓3〓Z〓 in net 〓 〓 Hand Man update! ] Sharp eyes like a hawk-like sharp, sweeping back and forth constantly moving around, and when they saw Xiao Yan,cheap jordans, sharp eyes paused obvious, but there is nothing else moves.
around the square, at the moment has a lot already seated figure, but the pace did not stop there Kaoru children tamarisk, but the center of the square directly in front of seats away, followed by Hsiao go far hesitated, but also with the up .
Kaoru children slowly into this area, its wake, is a fierce cross-shot sounded heavy sound of guns,Cheap Jordans Outlet, dressed in golden armor turned out to be two of the soldiers, using guns will go far Hsiao all to stopped.
heard this road cacophony, smoked child cheek moment is a change, a surge of angerIn the minds of slowly rising into the sky.
‘Get out!’
cold ears hear sounds, that two soldiers dressed in golden armor also hesitated,
‘Miss, you do not make life difficult for them, this area, but special areas, as well as non-local family The spin
invited the people,

clenched hand.
‘old drugs, defeat is useless to the temple of the soul and the means Styx Union, can not be letting us continue to exist.’ icy cheek color scales,Cheap Jordans Outlet, among Meimou Hanmang blinking: ‘Now, in addition to Si Pin in the end In addition, there is no retreat. ‘
strong around the stars fell Court also looked at the old drugs, waiting for his decision.
‘call ……’
old drugs Qingtu breath, after a moment, nodded, the truth,cheap jordan shoes, and he also knows!
‘…… That being the case, it would be …… fight with them!’
words to the last ‘old drugs face is hideous surface touch of color.
(first and more! Midnight
today,cheap jordans for sale! 1414th Star chapter of the second World War [more]
day offerings witch has been watching the drug is changing the look of the old, the latter after a hard color to see the face in the emerging, he is aware,cheap jordans, today is absolutely impossible stars fell Court served soft, on its face the moment even more awe-inspiring smile, said: ‘It seems today that stars fell Court, is inevitably going to bloody, ah ……’
‘or, where many strong,Cheap Jordans, can easily collect some soul back.’ bone quiet strange smiles, did not speak in the House in the eyes of the stars fall from the sky, here they have two senior semi-holy, a place level half saint, this and other combat power, is not the stars fell Court can be compared, today grappling up, stars fell Court is bound forever removed from the Plains.
looking gloomy old drugs such as staring at the sky on bone quiet man, Chen Sheng said: ‘bone deep quiet and day witch to me to deal with, as another primary half saint, color scales, green scales,cheap jordans, small medical Sin, the first three of you stopped him a bar. ‘
half saint among the points with a junior high school senior, grading into small, also contains a large gap, primary semi-holy

vicissitudes depth of the human soul, can not pretend
‘Xiao Yan brother ……’
smoked child opened his eyes looked at Xiao Yan, Meimou being filled with surprises of color.
‘This guy’s eyes, good penetration’ and barnyard Yu et al., as a glance, but it is something different feelings, in their perception, Xiao Yan eyes watching them, they just kind of connected to soul is exposed naked in front of the latter illusion,cheap jordan shoes, this feeling, so get them extremely uncomfortable.
whole piece of space, quiet, all eyes are frozen in that living among Bodhi trees Xiao Yan, can practice under the Bodhi tree, and they have only just being seen in ancient books, therefore, For in practice the latter, what exactly would have changed, they are totally unaware of.
In many eyes that gaze,cheap jordans, Bodhi trees among Xiao Yan,cheap jordans, his face is somewhat at a loss, eyes slowly scanned the crowd who finally smoked children, who stay in the body, that of miscellaneous filled with Cang Among eyes, cock slowly beginning to emerge out of some familiar Smart
‘Kaoru Kaoru few ……’
Xiao Yan slowly opened his mouth, after a moment, ‘and even a hoarse voice reveals ancient atmosphere, gently Bodhi trees from being heard,cheap jordan shoes, and all who heard his voice, looking all could not help the slightly changed, this tone can be completed with the previous Xiao Yan different.
but when that road in the old voice sounded, Xiao Yan Heimou diffuse into the kind of Cang Li, it is sailed restrained,cheap jordans for sale, until finally completely disappear, the vicissitudes of life, the disappearance was very pure,jordan shoes for sale, as if it completely retreat into the depths of the soul of Xiao Yan general, so that was no longer the police party people
‘call ……’
disappeared along with the kind of vicissitudes, Xiao Yan is looked up, spitting out a mouthful long emerald

flash in the mind.
man in brown awe-inspiring laughter down, palms gently hold the robe, slowly opened soon
lift off the robe, a face full of awe-inspiring and ferocious,Coach Factory Outlet, impressively emerge. Xiao Yan eyes when
lift off in that robe, the dark eye pupil, is suddenly tight!
‘really is you,’ eight hundred and thirtieth chapters with the door goodbye
eight hundred and thirtieth chapters with the door goodbye
goes face appeared in front of Xiao Yan. He is not strange, because in those days, it was he, personally takingHis life, and this person, it is the first disciple of old drug, Xiao Yan’s brother, who had Noire domain Dan Huang, Han Feng!
Today’s Han Feng, compared to the year looks to be even more of a number of old, that eye pupil of looking at Xiao Yan, filled with awe-inspiring and grim, then, if not Xiao Yan, he could continue in this domain Noire dominate,Coach Factory Outlet, but in the end, but it was the complete collapse of Xiao Yan, not only lost the hot position, but also end up miserable fate of the soul ** separation, if not because he was in control, ‘Hoi Yan’ This cross-fire. Finally, a very clever and found an opportunity to give it the soul of the house of one of His Holiness, lest his soul,Coach Factory Outlet, has long been the soul of the temple to take to digest,Coach Factory Outlet, which can live up to now?
but still good, who read the soul of the house on his initiative respecting the different fire Complimentary copies, dedicated staff with him to find a bucket were strong body, life and soul of the other person to break up, then so too He swallowed absorption, re-occupy the other side of the body,Coach Outlet Store Online, so now just have the strength, but this is only a stopgap measure, this body, at most, only for him to live only ten years,Coach Outlet Store, to the time ** Automatic crack while his soul is only as ** decay fade away, then

TV drama Yao Fang,Coach Outlet Store, Meimou also flashed a touch of shock, she also did not seem to think that this looks quite young youth, dare so positive refusal Qi Mountain request.
in that hall became silent inside, look on the face of clear Qi Mountain is slightly stiff, eyes immediately emerged gloomy touch of color, eyes slowly turned to Xiao Yan, laughing skin by not laugh and said: ‘Oh, now young people, there really is fearless ah quot; ‘
Qi Mountain discourse for ridicule, Xiao Yan did not care, migraine look Yao Square master, laughing: ‘? the trouble to look at this three strains of herbs, what is required in exchange for immortality square it.’
Yao Fang gradually recovered from the shock and the Lord, and hear the words of Xiao Yan, also hesitated a moment,Coach Outlet Store Online, and whispered: ‘? This gentleman, you really intend to 一枚’ jade bone fruit ‘offended a black Wong were the chief six refining pharmacist, but not worth ah. ‘ Yao
Square, the main word,Coach Outlet Store, though to remind Xiao Yan, can also implied the identity of the Qi Shan Xiao Yan informed on.
for hearing her kindness touches Xiao Yan smiled, noncommittal and said: ‘While this’ jade bone fruit ‘is also very important to me, no matter who, today, I will not let, so please talk about Yao Square master in exchange for the right thing. ‘
who saw Xiaoyan Jian, Yao and beside the main square that name as the one white-haired old man,Coach Bags On Sale, also had nodded and said: ‘This is my one thousand three ingredients are the highest quality of several drug Square, valuable ,Coach Outlet, if you want to exchange for Mr. Rock, then took out a five items then please immortality of it. ‘
‘What five items immortality?’ Wen Yan, Xiao Yan little thought, secretly calculated, it would not be extremely expensive, these three herbs are refining immortality,Coach Outlet, almost all of about

gas in the palm, palm off,Coach Outlet, the space exhaustively broken and open, shrill voice of Ming Ming sharp diffusion open.
‘ancient ethnic Han really is, which is rarely seen in the outside world, such as higher-order fighting skills, but it was his facile! ”
feeling Yang Hao suddenly become aggressive and attack speed, Xiao Yan is slightly narrowed eyes,Cheap Coach Purses, has a higher order so many fighting skills near the body ‘No wonder this guy does not worry about the same beat as the five stars of respect He, however, missed the other is considered, in front of Xiao Yan has a unusually large force of the soul, then how ghosts of agility, are no place to hide!
‘da da! ”
Xiao Yan Xiupao waving, every hit Quanfeng will extremely accurate bombardment Yang Hao claw style that is about to face Yisha, this time, just its claws from weak to strong wind when,coach purses outlet, but species flaws, if not have an extremely perfect insight, who can not be done, but fortunately, has a far better Hao Yang Xiao Yan soul force, but it is able to do it.
‘bang expansion ”
every battle,Coach Outlet Store, Yang Hao took complexion will always dignified, to be too fierce fight after ten rounds completed ‘on its face is completely dignified ‘Although he has been cast to order two middle bucket replaced skills, but never actually did for the damage caused by Xiao Yan, who calmly look askew, so that was his face slightly Gui live.
‘I will not believe you this poor young man, actually dare to fight with this command heritage ” Yang Hao looking
chill ‘footsteps suddenly Putui ‘and in its stature Putui’ palm is lightning out of a road junction to get Xiao Yan abnormal familiar Indian decision.
‘decide what rate India ……’
seeing this, Xiao Yan eyes slightly narrowed,Coach Outlet, stature flash, strangely appeared in front of Yang Hao,Cheap Coach, flexor of a bomb,

surge, immediately in front of Xiao Yan neck fiercely hacking away.
feel goose down on the day of the hand knife sharp breeze implied, Xiao Yan foot Yinmang blinking rapidly, and its stature is strange flash back back away.
‘wanted to run?’ See Xiao Yan stature back, goose down prematurely sneer,Coach Factory Outlet, body twisted into a singular arc, and soon a foot pedal, stature is across the void, such as maggots tarsal bone like to keep up with Shaw inflammation.
come quickly with goose down days, but also for the eye pupil Xiao Yan slightly reduced, the other agility fighting skills,Coach Factory Outlet, seems very wonderful, to three thousand thunderous from practicing since the first time he had been so tight posted.
foot again Yinmang Baoshan, a blur residing place, and Xiao Yan stature, it is like as Teleport, appeared in addition to tens of meters. When Xiao Yan
Works shape just appeared in front breeze hit again, I saw that the goose was falling flat Western Cape tender hands, legs slightly bent backwards, like geese flying over the void like a thaw, again strange to keep XiaoYan .
‘Hey,Coach Outlet, kid your agility really good, really is,Coach Outlet Online, and I can Jinyan Zong’s’ goose-day trip ‘agility phase Lome, if I can get, a little learning,Coach Outlet, speed certainly far more than the usual co-Doo were strong . ‘Luo Yan Yao Yin Cece smile on the face, could not conceal the greed,Cheap Coach, obviously, Xiao Yan cast agility, brought back to his greed.
‘how? not run?’ Xiao Yan see this is not even catch up again fled, goose down prematurely brow of a challenge, on the palm of your hand, gold has become increasingly strong, fierce underlying strength shook emblem space micro fluctuations.
behind Yanling wing suddenly aroused, Layan off ghostly stature channeling now less than half a meter away from the place at Xiao Yan, cold smile was golden

if there is any need for a place, although with us, for the strong field outside Noire, I Canaan Institute, is quite welcome. ‘The days of burning things get Lianqi tower, Su thousand is relieved migraine front of Xiao Yan beside a small medical cents a smile.
‘it would be in big trouble elders.’ small medical cents hesitated, smiled and nodded, though she likes the quiet sue, not how to make friends with people, but Xiao Yan Su Spirited obviously an excellent relationship, so she Italy did not make too much of the ring, but also on a lot better attitude.
Su thousand stroking his beard and smiled, for small medical cents, he fell to befriend it does have some heart,Coach Outlet, so young fighting were strong, really is the first time he was seen for so many years,Coach Bags Outlet, must have extraordinary future prospects, Canaan Institute to have such a friend, it is not necessarily a bad thing,Coach Factory Outlet, though he knew he would be so small medical cents attitude, most of all because of Xiao Yan’s sake.
be negotiated down to business, the Chamber of atmosphere significantly loosened a lot, a lot of the inner court of the elders are old acquaintances and Xiao Yan, now meet, naturally missed some courtesy, and perhaps because of that six products Mang Yan identity refining pharmacists, and even many of the elders of his warm attitude that even he himself can not stand are some refining pharmacists, it really is a very popular career.
hall joke lasted approximately half an hour or so, when Xiao Yan intend to retire first, closed the door,Coach Outlet Store, but it was suddenly knocked off, immediately look Lengsu Xiao Li walked the road.
Qiaode Xiao Li’s face, everyone else is a moment in the hall,Coach Outlet Online, and soon the Soviet Union thousands slight frown,Coach Outlet Store Online, ‘opening:’ how? ‘ Xiao Li
eyes looked a prison, then in the Soviet Union thousands

was opening soon,Coach Factory Outlet, there will be a very good strong level sac chu tone for and shot. Seven refining pharmacist appeal, no one dared to question
this willow family, when the acquaintance of this grade level refining pharmacist? Why are testifies that Tony had not received sound? Cheng Yiu face volatile, mind the idea of ​​spinning seven refining pharmacist is not able to please them this family move somebody. He does not want to how figurines why Liu family, it can be brought in? Not far away in the opposite
Yao et al., Liu Qing,Coach Factory Outlet, Liu Fei, a pedestrian also had little to repair the gaping looked distant ground, for he did not even Xiao Yan hands are supporting a round down . Liu Qing they simply feel a kind of absurd feeling, it can be a six refining pharmacist ah
seven items mixing drugs humble ‘Liu Qing, two white-haired old man behind it, at the moment is slowly breath, tone among Italian with irrepressible surprise, this gentleman is actually a 70-product refining pharmacists, the patriarch, he really is your friend? ‘
hear two words in that sub incredible,Cheap Coach Purses, Liu Qing heart concubine also could not help but Mo is now even a touch of pride, though these two old guys are clan elders towel. But since a blind him when flood chiefs are have some prejudices, today,Coach Factory Outlet, are regarded by Xiao Yan’s face, down the setback of their spirit,Coach Bags Outlet,
proud hearts, Liu Qing plane is not moving anything, faint, ‘if some of my friends, do not think that people will sell two elders?’
heard, two elders also embarrassed smile. but did not talk back, if Liu Dai seven straight insanity has a refining pharmacist friend, that for the willow family,Coach Outlet Store Online, the suspect Kang will hang a big wedding.
his predecessors, did not know this a competition. can have the results? ‘Xiao Yan Zhu sleeve waved, then

of course, compared with the Court that forces such as wind and thunder, naturally is going to want a lot of difference, but the strength of the two men, it In the four-star and five star just about Wong, could be counted on to other places good, but here, it is only counted as moderate.
walk through the Valley after the ceremony, slightly pale colors but also from the two powerful grudge storm surge out of the body,Tiffany & Co Outlet, and soon the two men give all wrapped into.
grudge just emerging, is shoved two Yiduo ground, like stature as Dianmang Shanlue out directly at the top of the stone steps lightning flee to see two people that look like, seems to want to bang strong This so-called rat crossed Chaoyin wavefront.
They really quite pretty fast speed, just a flash of rooms,Tiffany Outlet Online, is rushed into the nearly one hundred meters, and it is in this Yisha, stone staircase Rat bite crowded around, stood covered with hair and shoved into the sky, cloth long mouth full of sharp teeth,Tiffany Outlet, give all open!
‘squeak! squeak!’
sharp was like a weird tip to pierce the soul song, with a strange surge of volatility, like magic sound like, suddenly appeared, immediately overwhelming the scattered open.
sonic just appeared, Na Liangdao figure is suddenly a stiff, pale face is quickly up, but did not immediately return defeated, but the body of a grudge endured turmoil, toes a little staircase, and is Baoshe out.
‘Lou laugh!’
against overwhelming sonic storm washed away nearly ten meters, the two body stiff again, and this time, two blood is spit out directly,Tiffany Outlet, as the body is like being hit,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, inverted out, the last in the eyes of the crowd , top heavy falls platform, but also a blood spray out.
seeing this, a lot of people on the platform are sorry sigh,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, damn sonic array really tricky.
‘failure.’ Kanaya shook his

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